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my Drive® - My App

The smart road to savings.

my Drive® - My App

The smart road to savings.

my Drive®

Get a 10% discount when you sign up.
Save up to 25% on renewal.


my Drive® App

Our my Drive program tracks your driving habits using a handy mobile app.

Easy to use:

Once the app is installed and set up, simply drive as usual and let the app do the work.

View your trips:

You will be able to view a roadmap of each trip you take, including any events (hard braking, rapid acceleration, driving during high risk periods). Use this information to help improve your driving skills and discount.

See your potential savings:

View your potential discount on your own personalized dashboard. This will be updated as soon as you complete your first trip.

Earn a potential discount of up to 25% on renewal.

Do you already have an auto insurance policy with Intact Insurance? You can enrol in the my Drive program with your broker. Want to insure your car with Intact Insurance and sign up for my Drive? Start by getting a quote online.

*Certain eligibility conditions, limitations and exclusions apply.