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RVezy RV Sharing

Is your RV sitting idle in your driveway? Put it to work and earn extra income by listing it with RVezy - an online peer-to-peer RV rental marketplace that allows private RV owners to rent out their RVs. It’s simple, safe and you choose who rents your RV and when.

How does it work?

List your RV at It’s free to register and you set the pricing and availability. Once listed, your RV can be viewed by a community of RVezy renters. When someone chooses to rent your RV, a request will be sent to you for approval. You can then coordinate when and where to meet the renter for RV drop-off and to get the rental period underway.

Please carefully read RVezy’s Terms of Service, as well as all other relevant information about RVezy at

How is your RV protected?

If you plan to participate in peer-to-peer RV rental through RVezy, you must inform your insurance broker.

As an owner, your RV is covered by RVezy’s commercial insurance while it is being delivered to the renter and during the rental period. When the RV is not being delivered or rented, you’re protected as usual, under your Intact personal insurance policy. 

Want more information?

Contact your broker today to find out more. You can also visit for more details, including the full Terms of Service.

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