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Buying your first motorcycle soon: have you thought of everything?

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Spring is here, and you've decided to take the plunge and buy your first motorcycle. Your choice of model will depend on how you ride, your past biking experience, and your budget. Here are some tips for buying your first bike and riding it in complete safety.

What kind of motorcyclist will you be?

Do you want to go on a few weekend rides, ride to work, or set off on road trips across the continent? Will you be riding solo or in a group, and will you have a passenger or not?

The answers to these questions will determine the kind of bike to buy – you'll probably lean towards comfort if you plan to go on long rides, or a model with a more responsive engine for getting about on a daily basis.

Some motorcycles are difficult to handle, so don't hesitate to try out the types you’re considering at the dealership before making your choice, especially if it's your first motorcycle purchase.

New or used?

New motorcycles range in price from $3,000 for the lowest cc model to $40,000 and up for more powerful ones.

Buying a used motorcycle will let you gain experience and test bike performance and ergonomics, and at a lower cost. However, check with the Registre des droits personnels et réels mobiliers to make sure that the bike you have in mind is lien-free.

Licence and registration

Riding a two-wheel motorcycle in Quebec requires a Class 6 licence, which means taking a course and passing a theoretical exam and two road tests. To obtain a licence to ride a three-wheeler, holders of a Class 5 car driver’s licence must take a one-day training course.

Annual registration fees for motorcycles range from $300 for the least powerful  model to over $2,000 for the racier ones. An expense to be included in calculating your motorcycle costs!

Equipment and storage

You need to purchase appropriate clothing and equipment to protect yourself against accidents and the Quebec weather. As with the price of motorcycles, clothing and equipment costs vary – from $150 to $1,000 for helmets and from $200 to $2,000 for other clothing and equipment, including boots, raingear, saddlebags and many other accessories. There are also storage costs if you can't keep your shiny two-wheeler at home.

Insurance and security

Insurance coverage is mandatory: you must have personal civil liability insurance for at least $50,000. Intact Insurance offers a specific product for motorcyclists. This includes:

  • roadside assistance*
  • up to $5,000 in coverage for accessories and equipment
  • liability insurance for up to $2,000,000
  • free coverage for up to six months when travelling in Canada or the United States.

As with car insurance, the cost of motorcycle insurance varies depending on bike model, the age and gender of the owner-operator, and their driving history. It’s recommended that you take a refresher course to help you pass the Société de l'assurance automobile du Québec test. Intact Insurance will then offer you a discount on your insurance premium.

You could also benefit from other discounts, for example by becoming a member of a recognized motorcycle association in Quebec. These organizations are grouped within the Fédération motocycliste du Québec (FMQ), whose mission is to promote motorcycling in a safe, responsible and mutually supportive manner.

So, don’t hesitate to contact PMT ROY Agency about motorcycle insurance and get a quote right away! 

*Roadside assistanct for motorcycles available in Quebec exclusively. Certain conditions apply. This website provides general information only. Your insurance policy contract takes precedence at all times.  

Need insurance for your motorcycle, car or your RV? Contact PMT ROY Agency to get a quote! 

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