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Preventing accidents

In this third module, we review the best practices for reducing accidental risk when you reopen your business.

Accidents may happen, but many are preventable. When you’re preparing to reopen your business, consider how to reduce accidental risk on your property. 

An accidental risk is any threat posed by any unforeseen event, such as a fire or a tree that falls on your office building during a storm. 

Before you reopen, inspect your building, infrastructure and equipment for damage. If you spot any visible risks, organize repairs to prevent accidents from happening. You may have to look for a recovery site if normal operations cannot be conducted at your original location.

You should also test the functionality of critical infrastructure, such as your water, gas and electricity, and reschedule preventive maintenance activities, which may have been postponed during the closure. It’s a good idea to hire a specialist to run these tests, and you should always follow safety guidelines when you reopen gas and water mains. If you closed because of a widespread crisis, such as the pandemic, be aware that specialized contractors will also be adjusting their schedules and may not be available right away.

To review the specific steps you should take to help reduce accidental risk before reopening, check out our helpful checklist.

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