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Combine your home and auto policies to save up to 15%* on your home insurance and up to 10%* on your optional auto coverage.

Your car and home insurance belong together.

Bundling is the perfect marriage between your home and auto insurance. This winning combination gives you exclusive benefits and up to 15% off* your home insurance premium. Plus, it makes your life easier: one bill, one payment, one renewal’s that easy!

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Enjoy the right protections for your needs and enjoy the convenience and perks of combining your home and auto policies. 

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* This savings message is based on internal actuarial values of filed and approved discounts (up to 15% on home insurance and up to 10% on Section C car insurance coverages) when applied to the premiums of all Intact Insurance clients in Alberta who combined their car and home insurance policies as of January 29, 2015. This message is not a guaranteed savings amount. Savings amounts may vary based on each person’s individual insurance profile. Certain conditions, limitations and exclusions apply to all offers. Offers may change without notice.